Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodbye Tita Cory

Corazon C. Aquino former President of the Philippines, FIRST Female President of the Philippines and the FIRST President declared DEMOCRACY FOR THE FILIPINO PEOPLE, she's known to be the "INA NG DEMOKRASYA"(MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY) for all Filipino. She Died due to COLON CANCER last Saturday August 1, 2009 at 3:18am. Her story started when her husband was killed by a hitman in formerly known Manila Inernational Airport now known as Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He was killed because he's against to the administration that time (Marcos Era/ Martial Law Time). Cory Aquino led the rally for the freedom of the Filipino People and for the justice of the death of her husband. As she passed away last Saturday lots of supporter and people who love her brokedown because the person responsible for the freedom of the country died and now with her husband Ninoy Aquino and the Lord. Her remains first brought to La Salle Greenhills in Mandaluyong and by August 3, 2009 her remains was brought to Manila Cathedral, as I went to school my path always going to the same route I saw lots of people waiting for her, lots of people waiting are wearing yellow others who are not in yellow has yellow ribbon. People also have signs says "Tita Cory, Salamat sa Demokrasya, maging masaya ka sa piling ng iyong asawa at ng Panginoon." (Tita Cory, Thank you for the Democracy, be happy with your husband and with the Lord.) as the bus where I'm riding passed by to the people with signs and pictures my tears fell that I can feel what those people are feeling being a 19 years old, I never really felt the presence of her leadership but as I hear some stories about her term for me she's much better than other Presidents to think to give all the freedom that the People need. She's practically being loved by the whole nation for giving us the Freedom we're longing for. The burial is today August 5, 2009. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared this day to be a Special Non-working Holiday. Mabuhay ka Tita Cory! (Live on Tita Cory!) Thank you Tita Cory for the freedom you gave us, thank you for everything you have done for the whole country. The whole Philippines now knows that you're already in a better place where in you will never feel any pain but more love with your husband and Our Lord! LIVE ON TITA CORY, the whole country will be missing your presence!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Angels' Wings

We actually and finally have a name for our group it's Angels' Wings, we got that name because Super Junior is our ANGELS and we are their WINGS that help them fly and soar high to reach the top. Our group is actually increasing right now we have two new members to refresh your minds who we are here are our profiles once again.

Here is our Profile:

Name: Danielle Daphne Valenzuela
Korean Name(Birthday): Jung Rae Yoo
Also Known: Baby Wookie
Birthday and Age: December 28, 1989 (12-28-1989) and 19y/o
Instrument(s): Guitar, Drums and Keyboard
Genre(s): Pop, RnB, Ballad, Hiphop, Rock and Mellow
Favorite SuJu Member: Ryeowook
Favorite Color(s): Purple, Black, Green and Red
Vocal: Alto
Favorite Quote: 1st sight is not enough, sometimes you have to take a 2nd look to see the real

Name: Erika Joyce Cruz
Korean Name(Birthday): Park Ji Jin
Also Known: Kayebum
Birthday and Age: February 8, 1990 (2-8-1990) and 19y/o
Instrument(s): Organ
Genre(s): All kinds
Favorite SuJu Member: Kibum and Donghae
Favorite Color(s): Pink and Blue
Vocal: Alto
Favorite Quote: Keep smiling there's nothing you can't

Name: Edda Sheena Cuna(Leader)
Korean Name(Birthday): Park Hyun Wook
Also Known: Angel fishy
Birthday and Age: November 7, 1990 (11-07-1990) and 18y/o
Instrumet(s): Guitar and Flute
Genre(s): Pop, RnB, Rock, Punk Rock and Mellow
Favorite SuJu Member: Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk
Favorite Color(s): White
Voice: Soprano 2
Favorite Quote: 5 Gods is too much but 13 angels is enough!

Name: Pamela Fernandez
Korean Name(Birthday): Kim Ji Sun
Also Known: Eunhela
Birthday and Age: February 13, 1991 (2-13-1991) and 18y/o
Instrument(s): Guitar, Flute, Lyre, Timpani, Maracas and Chako
Genre(s): RnB, PopRock and Alternative
Favorite SuJu Member: Eunhyuk
Favorite Color(s): Black
Voice: Alto
Favorite Quote: My IQ maybe 40 but I'm not stupid!

Name: Kea Paloma Imari Cruz
Korean Name(Birthday): Kim Hyo Ri
Also Known: Sungmina
Birthday and Age: August 14, 1991 (8-14-1991) and 17y/o
Instrument(s): N/A
Genre(s): Rock, RnB and Hiphop
Favorite SuJu Member: Sungmin, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk
Favorite Color(s): Pink, White and Black
Voice: Soprano2/Mezzo Soprano
Favorite Quote: All good things have its end.

Name: Joyce Ann Timbang
Korean Name(Birthday): Kim Hyo Mun
Also Known: Hyosung
Birthday and Age: August 20, 1991 (10-20-1991) and 17y/o
Instrument(s): Piano and Guitar
Genre(s): Acoustic and Pop
Favorite SuJu Member: Yesung
Favorite Color(s): White, Black and Grey
Voice: Alto
Favorite Quote: When you wake up, you have 2 choices, it's either
you sleep again and continue to dream or wake up and make your dreams real.

Name: Rosciel Cleia Ragas
Korean Name(Birthday): Kim Eun Ri
Also Known: Ryeociel
Birthday and Age: October 14, 1991 (10-14-1991) and 17y/o
Instrument(s): Piano and Guitar
Genre(s): Rock, RnB and Hiphop
Favorite SuJu Member: Ryeowook
Favorite Color(s): Purple and Pink
Voice: Soprano2/Mezzo Soprano
Favorite Quote: Past is past.

Name: Patrick Tianzon
Korean Name(Birthday): Kim Hyun Mun
Also Known: Hyukiro
Birthday and Age: November 20, 1991 (11-20-1991) and 17y/o
Instrument(s): Flute, Symbals,Maracas, Castanettes, beatbox
Genre(s): Pop, RnB, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock
Favorite SuJu Member: Eunhyuk
Favorite Color(s): Green
Voice: Bass
Favorite Quote: Whatever names people important if you know
the inner character within you.

*Right now we're writing songs for our group, We're also planning to have a radio station so I hope everyone will listen to it, and I hope help us with our journey to fame.
*For those who want to leave comments and suggestions but anonymous, sorry but you have to sign in first to google coz some comments from anonymous is a bit below the belt so I have to turn off that feature. Thank You!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Super Junior bid goodbye?!

Super Junior bid goodbye?!

I mean why did they did that?! But I realized maybe because of their Super Show 2 Asia Tour! I really felt sad the 1st time I watched it but I know that they will still be back and perform well. I also asked my friends that we should go to Korea after our graduation which will be on 2011 but Angel_fishy told me we can't go to Korea coz other SuJu members might be in military service. I was like "what the?!"and she explained everything to me that in Korea if you're a male, before or if you reach 30 years old you have to go to Military Service for 2years its mandatory she told me, and I was like then what should we do?! and she replied I don't know! I was thinking and then a question popped into my head and I asked her "If Leeteuk will go to Military service what will happen to SuJu" she told me she thinks that SM Entertainment will do it by batch so that it won't be hard for the SuJu to enter the world of Showbizness again, I told her "Ahhh!! So who would go at the same time with Teukie in the Military", She was like I think its "Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk" and I said so I can still see my all time favorite Ryeowookie! and she said "Yup!" So I counted 2 years then after that it will be Wookie and the others turn to go to the Military Service and Its another 2 years so I said "oh so after 5years that's the only time we can go to Korea to see our beloved angels" and she said "Probably! hahahaha!!!" by the way we had this conversation during an Open Forum in our College! hahahaha..

SUPER JUNIOR BID GOODBYE TO Mcore and Inkigayo! here are the videos:

Super Junior It's You and Sorry Sorry 06-20-09 Mcore:

Super Junior It's You and Sorry Sorry 06-21-09 Inkigayo HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYEOWOOK! Ryeowook Saengil Chuk ham ni da!

PS: I just love ryeowook so much! and as Teukie said in his blog "It's not the End... It's an...AND!" I just love Teukie when he greeted wookie at their last performance in Inkigayo. HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN OUR DEAR ANGELS! YOU'RE ALL ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS, MINDS AND EVEN IN OUR DREAMS! Super Junior Saranghae! Wookie Saranghae!